Still from GUESTures | GOSTIkulacije, left channel, double screen HD video installation, Kern 2011

Internationally acclaimed artist Margareta Kern has joined the School of Applied Social Sciences, supported by Professor Maggie O’Neill and St Mary’s College, as a Leverhulme funded artist-in-residence from February 2012 for a ten-month period.

Kern’s residency at Durham will be broadly concerned with the historical and political legacy of the Miner’s strikes that took place in 1984, and their relevance to contemporary social movements and anti-austerity protests. Kern is interested in exploring the relationship of participatory research to experimental and documentary film-making. During the residency she will engage with the issues of memory, archiving and radical politics and its representation and contestation on screen. To find out more about the residency, and how you could get involved please join Margareta on Wednesday 15th February 2012, from 4 – 6pm at Kenworthy Hall, St Mary’s College.

You can follow the development of Margareta Kern’s Residency on this blog https://strike1984.wordpress.com

Still from GUESTures | GOSTIkulacije, double-screen HD video installation, Kern 2011

Margareta Kern’s artistic practice engages with the social and political sphere through multi-layered and inter-disciplinary projects. Kern was born in the socialist Yugoslavia, and migrated to London at the beginning of civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths, and Visual and Material Culture with Slavonic Studies at UCL, London. Kern has shown her work extensively nationally and internationally including Tate Modern, Impressions Gallery Bradford, The Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest, SC Gallery Zagreb, Institute for Contemporary Interdisciplinary Art Bath, and Kurt-Kurt Gallery Berlin. Kern’s work has been supported by grants and awards from the Arts Council England, the British Film Institute, National Media Museum, the British Council and the Croatian Ministry for Culture.



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