SCREENING on Sunday 2nd September, Whitstable Harbour, 19.30-21.30

WORKSHOP with Patrick Staff and Margareta Kern, Wednesday 5th September, 18-20h, Stages in the Revolution Hub, 60 Harbour Street (entrance via rear garden), Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1AG

Website: www.whitstablebiennale.com

FACTORY CINEMA, Whitstable Harbour
19.30 – 21.30pm
The Other Side – Strike 1984
Selected and introduced by Margareta Kern. Screening followed by discussion.

Still from the video Side by Side Women Organise , by the Other Side Video collective, 1984

The screening focuses on women’s activism and self-organising into a national movement during the miners’ strike in 1984/85. It includes the videos made as part of the Campaign Tape Project, which involved a network of community and activist groups working together with independent film and video workshops in the making of documentary and campaign videos in support of the miners’ strike.

‘Side by Side Women Organise’, by The Other Side Video Collective with the Nottingham Women’s Support Group, Nottingham, 1985, 44 min., VHS colour.

“Side by Side Women Organise, documents a way in which many women in mining communities became aware of class and sexual politics and organised themselves into a national movement Women against Pit Closures. It shows the parallels they drew between their struggle and the struggles of other oppressed peoples both here and internationally, and with the many struggles of previous generations of women, often hidden in history.” (text by The Other Side)

‘Solidarity in Action’, by Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre, 1984, 5 min. VHS colour.

‘Solidarity in Action!’ is short, five-minute video showing the practicalities and the importance of the food collections that numerous women’s groups have been organizing, in support of the Miners’ strike. It is made by Birmingham Trades Council Women’s Group.

Screened with the kind permission of the Northern Region Film & Television Archive.

Margareta Kern has been invited by Patrick Staff to present strike1984, as part of his project ‘Factory As It Might Be’ for ‘The Stages in Revolution’ curated by Andrew Bonacina and Victoria Brooks (The Island).

*On Wednesday 5th September at 6pm, Margareta Kern and Patrick Staff will be facilitating an open meeting and workshop looking at the ethics and politics of working with radical historical documents and archives within artistic practices.

One hundred years after William Morris published his text ’Factory as it Might
Be’, the UK experienced the dismantling of the coal industry, irrevocably
affecting communities, class consciousness and trade unions in a massive
economic and political restructuring. We will start by watching excerpts from
the campaign videos ‘What Future for Us?’ which focuses on the struggles of the
mining community and by reading excerpts from Morris’ text. As markers in a
complex history of labour, these documents lead us into exploring how to situate
ourselves now in relation to the furthering of neo-liberal project. As cultural
workers, we’d like to explore ways of conceiving art which, as put forward by
Brecht, empowers a way of thinking of history as an archive of resources that can
be ‘functionally transformed’ (‘umfunktioniert’) for future struggles.

This workshop is free and open to all.

For further info please download the programme >>>> http://www.whitstablebiennale.com/biennale-programme/documents/Stages_leaflet.pdf


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