LINKS to PROJECTS that inspire, inform and provoke…

Participation: The Film & Video Workshop Movement, 1979 -1991 is an exhibition and archive project produced by VIVID in 2009, which centred on the emergence of new film forms, politics and practices in the 1980s. Presented in two parts, the works react to and document the rise of Thatcherism and the social and cultural events the period from 1979 engendered: inner city disturbances, the miners strike, and increasing social disparity. The exhibition guide, featuring essays from Roger Shannon (original member of Birmingham Film & Video Workshop) and Dr Paul Long (Birmingham City University), can be downloaded here .


Photograph by Zoe Korda.

Archive for Change is a film archiving project that aims to gather and exhibit some of the many stories of urban change from the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne, site of one of the largest regeneration areas in the UK. Archive for Change was set up by three filmmakers and local community organisations with the aim of gathering and showcasing films that tell the complex story of this area from the point of view of those who have lived through these many changes, in order to highlight, preserve and celebrate the stories of those who have made the West End the unique place that it is.
For further information about the project, and Archive Toolkit please click here.  

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