North East Archives: video still "SIDE by SIDE women organise" by 'The Other Side' video collective.

During the residency period of 10 months (February – November 2012, term-time), there will be a regular meeting slot for all those who are interested in working with artist Margareta Kern. This is a chance to exchange ideas, watch and debate interesting experimental, documentary and artist made films that relate to Miners’ strikes, labour movements and resistances, and films that question structurally the film itself. Some of the questions/themes we will be thinking about concern the relationship of research to visual, the position of researcher/film-maker, subject (matter) and participation, as well as the politics and ethics of image-making. Alongside this thinking/watching/debating process, there will also be a specific one-day workshop on the Theatre of the Oppressed with Frances Rifkin, and a workshop ‘Visualising Research – Researching Visually’  together with Professor Maggie O’Neill on the relationship of social science research, visual methodology and artist research (December 2012, exact date TBA).
The working group meets on designated Wednesdays, from 4-6pm, in Room 106, at the School of Applied Social Science, Durham University.

Any questions and suggestions or to join the working group mailing list please drop me a line: margareta.kern@durham.ac.uk

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