This Wednesday 2nd May, from 4 – 6pm (Room 106, SSAS) as part of the Artist-in-residence Working Group, we will be watching a fim by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler “The Exception and the Rule” (33 minutes). We will have plenty of time afterwards to reflect on the film and how it can inform the working group activities.

Shot primarily in Karachi, The Exception and the Rule employs a variety of strategies in negotiating consciously political themes. Avoiding traditional documentary modes, the film frames everyday activities within a period of civil unrest, incorporating performances to camera, public interventions and observation. This complex work supplements Mirza/Butler’s Artangel project ‘The Museum of Non Participation’. – Mark Webber London Film Festival

The film, shot in Pakistan, India and the UK, is more than a document of the journeys that were undertaken throughout this project. Throughout the film, its very organs of narrative, production and material are thrown into question, particularly through text and speech, and its own system of editing and structure. Beginning and ending in London, the film is punctuated by an ‘Intermission’ that involves footage of the daily India-Pakistan Wagah border ceremony. The narrative of film is characterised by succession and interruption; often sounds or phrases are repeated at an almost grating level of echo, but there is never a point of recurrence or return within the work at large. A scene or event is never visited twice, and so the film becomes a cumulative assembly of voice, image, citation, actor, participant and situation. For more info and artists’ website please click here.


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